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Your Journey to Optimal Health with our Integrative Health Programs.

At Forum Health, we tailor our approach to meet your unique health needs. Our specialized programs are designed to optimize and transform your health using a proven, personalized process. 
Explore our diverse offerings and discover how we can help you achieve optimal wellness.

Integrative Health Programs Designed for Your Unique Goals

Balance and rejuvenate with our program designed specifically for women’s hormonal health, ensuring you feel energetic and harmonized throughout all stages of life.

Regain vitality with our men-focused hormone optimization, enhancing overall well-being and restoring your peak performance.

Experience comprehensive thyroid solutions that address the nuances of thyroid health, improving your metabolism and energy levels.

Take control of autoimmune conditions with strategies that reduce inflammation and enhance your body’s healing capacity.

Protect and enhance your heart health with our program aimed at reducing risk factors and strengthening cardiovascular function.

Revitalize your digestive health through tailored nutritional strategies that improve gut health and overall well-being.

Embark on a weight loss journey that combines medical expertise with personalized diet and exercise plans to achieve lasting results.


Not sure which program is right for you?

Watch this video to learn about which program is best for you to start with.

How It Works & What's Included

Phase 1

Intake + Advanced Testing

Fill out our extensive questionnaire and undergo advanced testing, beyond insurance constraints.

Phase 2

Consultation + Plan Selection

Consult with an expert care provider about your overall health and choose your care plan details.

Phase 3

Support + Progress Tracking

Explore support through educational materials, videos, coaching and monitor your progress.

What's Included in Forum Health's Integrative Health Programs

Our integrative programs encompass every step necessary for a transformative health experience.  Here is what is included.

What Makes Our Programs Better?


In Depth Questionnaire: Uncover the root causes of your health issues with our detailed assessment.

Testing: Comprehensive diagnostics that extend beyond typical insurance coverage, completed before your first visit.

Expert Care: Each consultation involves a trained provider who reviews your results and discusses your tailored treatment options.

Solutions: Emphasize safe and effective treatments over risky medications.


Support: Benefit from ongoing education and coaching to maximize your health outcomes.

Transparency: Enjoy a clear understanding of costs—no surprises.

Strategic: Our methods are proven effective for 80% of our patients, ensuring you receive only the most effective treatments.

Structure: Stay on track with a structured program that guides you towards your health goals.

Integrative Health Programs

Choose the program that fits your needs.

Women’s Hormone Optimization

This program is built for individuals experiencing hormonal imbalances, irregular menstrual cycles, PMS symptoms, menopausal issues, or those seeking answers for hormonal issues. Tailored to your unique hormonal needs, our holistic approach addresses root causes for lasting balance. Don’t settle for conventional approaches – find balance with us! 

Starting at $1500

Men's Hormone Optimization

Tailored to your unique needs, this personalized approach dives deep into your hormonal profile, offering targeted solutions for peak performance. Experience the transformative power of holistic care—nutrition, stress management, and lifestyle changes. Reclaim your energy and vitality with our expertly crafted program! 

Starting at $1500

Advanced Thyroid Care

Unveil a personalized journey to energy and balance. Our precision approach targets your unique thyroid needs, rejecting one-size-fits-all solutions. Thrive with us—no more settling for tiredness or imbalances. Your journey to renewed energy starts now! 

Starting at $1200

Resolve Autoimmunity

Struggling with the challenges of autoimmune issues, feeling overwhelmed and drained? Our precision wellness strategy targets the root causes of your autoimmune challenges, offering holistic solutions to revitalize your immune system. Don’t settle for the struggles – embark on your journey to renewed health with this expertly crafted program! 

Starting at $1250

Cardiovascular Risk Reduction

Feeling the weight of cardiovascular risks, anxious about your heart health? 

 We tailor strategies to your unique profile, focusing on holistic heart health. Expert guidance on nutrition and lifestyle changes helps you reclaim control. Don’t let cardiovascular concerns hold you back. Take charge of your heart’s health with our personalized program.  

Starting at $1300

Digestive, Nutrition, and Food Issues

Battling digestive issues and nutritional concerns, making every meal a challenge? 

No more generic fixes—experience a plan addressing your needs. Our approach combines expert guidance on nutrition, digestion, and personalized food strategies. Reclaim the joy of eating and embrace a lifestyle that nourishes your body and enroll today!  

Starting at $1250

Medical Weight Loss

Frustrated with weight challenges and endless diets that fall short? We analyze your unique profile, crafting a comprehensive plan that integrates medical expertise, nutrition, and lifestyle adjustments. Reclaim your confidence and well-being as you shed pounds in a safe, guided manner. Are you ready to start a transformative journey to lasting weight management with our dedicated program? 

Starting at $1049


The standard doctor’s visit focuses on disease management, not health promotionMost providers have not done the extra training it takes to identify and address the root causes of a symptom/diagnosisInstead, insurance values diagnosing issues so that a drug or procedure can be prescribed per protocolThis doesn’t heal most people, and that’s why our providers pursued years of extra training to help our patients really heal and live well. 

We don’t take insurance because our approach is usually 10-20 years ahead of what insurance coversOur services fill in the gaps of what insurance doesn’t cover:  1) in-depth labs, 2) recommendations from a trained health promotion professional, and 3) resources to help you successfully implement the solutions we recommend. 

Because our testing evaluates the root cause(s) of your issues, our testing is generally not covered by insurance and, unfortunately, can be very costly if run through itOur patients generally save 70-80% compared to what they would have been charged by running it through insuranceBONUS:  When you pay for your labs, it is private health informationThis means any undiagnosed issues we uncover, which happens all the time, can be resolved without it being on your health insurance record. This way, you don’t risk getting “penalized” by health/life insurance for being proactive.  

Yes. Our services are NOT a replacement for routine, urgent and emergency healthcare services through your insurance. Our advanced care programs provide services above and beyond what a typical insurance-based primary care physician provides. 

Your first set of labs will be drawn prior to your first visitThe provider will then determine the best time for you to repeat your labs based on a personalized assessment of your condition/goals. In general, labs are re-tested within 90 days so we don’t waste valuable time helping you feel better and stay well.  

We are excited to continue to offer additional labs, services, and provider visits a la carte based on your goals. 

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