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Forum Health’s Medical Weight Loss Program

Lose the weight, not the muscle. For good.

Precision GLP-1 Dosing | Avoid Rebound Weight Gain | Minimized Side Effects | Improved Overall Health

Weight loss is complex, but GLP-1 medications can help by reducing appetite, slowing digestion, and supporting a healthy diet for gradual, safe weight loss.  

However, studies show many regain two-thirds of the weight lost a year after stopping weight loss injections. Clearly, a prescription alone isn’t enough. 

Welcome to a new era of weight management — at Forum Health, GLP-1 medications are paired with accountability health coaching, and lifestyle and nutrition optimization to help you maintain your results, keep your lean muscle, and love the way you look and feel! 

Amanda – Forum Health employee and semaglutide patient.

Beyond Weight Loss

Forum Health offers more than just stand-alone weight loss prescriptions. We use an integrated approach ensuring you receive the full spectrum of support for results that actually last. 

Maintain Lean Muscle

Preserve your muscle mass while losing excess fat.

Stop Cravings

Reduce appetite and food noise for better dietary control. 

Improve Eating + Lifestyle Habits

Learn how to make healthier choices.

Enhance Metabolic Health

Lower inflammation and regulate blood sugar and cholesterol.

Achieve Gradual, Sustainable Weight Loss

Gain tools for long-term weight management without drastic measures.

Deeper Dive

We offer additional testing to pinpoint any underlying factors that may be contributing to your weight gain.

Ready to Start Your Journey? Get Started Today

Adults with obesity experienced a mean weight loss of up to 15.7% with GLP-1 medications when combined with lifestyle interventions. *

What is included?

  • A comprehensive patient intake and assessment to personalize your treatment plan 
  • An in person or televisit appointment with an expert provider to review and prescribe your precision dosing plan 
  • 8 – 10 weeks of weight loss medication depending on your precision dosing schedule 
  • Three health coach visits for accountability and support to optimize results. 


Initial Program: 

  • $1049 for two months (members) 
  • $1260 for two months (non-members) 


Ongoing Maintenance: 

  • $490 for 2 months (members) 
  • $500 for 2 months (non-members) 


 Includes a 15-minute provider appt and 2-month refill (1 vile) 

5-Star Results

Reviews & Testimonials
Forum Health Chicago
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The weight loss was actually pretty effortless and I had been struggling for some time. Highly recommend!
Kathyrn T
Forum Health Greenville
Read More
My stomach is so flat now, I actually lost more than I had planned and I feel like I'm not carrying this chronic inflammation any more.
Forum Health Madison
Read More
I was able to lose 10 lbs and can start to see more definition. It helped me cut out my snacking easily. Now I have less fat and more muscle!
Forum Health Bloomingdale
Read More
Lost 25.5 lbs in 2 months! The best part has been loosing weight in a healthy way! I've started to wear dresses I couldn’t fit into before, This is amazing, I’m not killing myself to loose the weight like I have in the past! I have such a sweet tooth and I don't even think about sweets now, it takes the stress off of me not thinking about them, I just eat healthy foods from home to get the best results.

Want to learn more?

Watch our masterclass hosted by Shilpa P. Saxena, MD, on semaglutide and how it works to help drop the weight for good! 

Start Losing Weight Today!

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