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Longevity Optimization Executive Physical

An all-inclusive snapshot of your health Designed to proactively identify issues and increase lifespan.

Elevate Performance.  Extend Longevity. 
Sharpen Mental Acuity.  Gain More Energy.

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Your Well-Being is
Your Most Precious Asset

Attain optimal cognitive, physical, and metabolic health with our personalized program tailored to your individual history, biomarkers, and specific needs. Meticulously designed, this experience goes beyond the surface. It provides a deep, thorough assessment of your health, uncovering hidden concerns and offering a blueprint not just for a longer life, but for a better one.

Better Than a Traditional
Executive Physical

Most executive care programs provide a lot of tests with low predictive value and an overwhelming list of confusing lab values.

Get the Big Picture

Advanced diagnostic testing provides an in-depth, comprehensive snapshot of all areas of your health typically not offered by conventional medicine.

Catch Problems Before They Arise

Using predictive biomarkers we can help anticipate hidden risks earlier and more accurately for greater longevity.

Identify the Root-Cause

Instead of masking symptoms with another prescription, our program is designed to uncover the underlying cause to drive you towards optimal health and performance.

High-Touch Care Centered Around You

Gain direct access to a functional and integrative medicine expert who will review your lab results and develop a personalized roadmap of health recommendations.

Smarter Answers, Smarter Solutions

Simply put, we find answers where conventional medicine typically gives up. These insights allow us to offer innovative solutions for long-term health and vitality.

How it Works

Diagnostic Testing + Analysis

1:1 Consultation & Longevity Report Review

Begin Personalized Care Plan + Check In

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What’s Included?





In-Depth Intake

Identifies key areas of risk for testing and recommendations.


Genetics with AI

Provides critical insights and personalized
recommendations based on your unique gene combinations.


Food Allergy and Sensitivity

Assesses 4 types of reactions to 88 of the most common foods.


Advanced Evaluation of Hidden Risks



Biomarkers that predict heart
attack/stroke risks in the next 10-15 years.



Biomarkers that predict metabolic
and insulin-driven risks to brain, heart and liver.


Stress Management

Reveals impact of lifelong stress on body systems.


Nutrient Levels

Identifies deficiencies that may cause disease.


Thyroid & Energy Production

Measures for commonly undiagnosed thyroid imbalances.


Inflammation Panel

Identifies multiple forms of this silent
driver of disease and brain deterioration.


Autoimmune Detection

Screens for the earliest markers of immune disorders.


Detoxification Status

Assesses efficacy of your ability to safely
remove toxins and excess hormones.


Advanced Radiologic Early /
Hidden Disease Detection

Personalized recommendation(s) and imaging prescription(s)
to uncover risks before they develop into disease.


Comprehensive Report with
Personalized Recommendations

We provide a comprehensive written report to
review for convenience and strategic decision making.


1:1 Consultation with Expert
Precision Medicine Provider

Review opportunities to maximize health and reduce hidden risks
revealed through our in- depth discovery process.


Hormone Health

The most accurate hormone evaluation available to optimize
muscle growth, fat loss, brain function and cancer risk reduction.


Microbiome & Immune

Measures 5 key gastrointestinal functions to reveal undiagnosed
digestion, inflammation and brain function risk markers.


Your journey to better health starts here, with us.
Let’s embark on this path together.

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