New Patient Visit Package – $750

Designed to provide a comprehensive 2 hour consultative experience with both provider and coach to maximize our understanding of your case and your success with your first set of functional medicine therapies.  After this experience, you have the choice to continue care with us as needed through a full cash-pay model or join one of our affordable membership plans to leverage insurance for the parts of our care it does cover.

Includes One-Hour Functional Medicine Provider Consultation

              • New patient intake questionnaire review

              • Analysis of underlying causes of your current concerns

              • Analysis of nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress, detoxification, and microbiome as root causes

              • Personalized strategic care plan built around your unique health goals

              • Collaboration with health coach

              • Lab test order based on your initial assessment (separate fee based on specific tests needed)

Includes One-Hour Certified Functional Health Coaching Support

              • Lifestyle coaching and education to optimize your success with your personalized care plan

              • Access to library of resources including online workbooks based on your unique care plan

              • Access to private health-coach supervised online community forum

              • Additional coaching support available for $65 per half-hour sessions

Forum Health membership plans are designed for people who are committed to getting to the root of their conditions. They understand that healthcare costs money. They just choose to invest in their health today so they can avoid paying for their diseases later.


You must complete a New Patient Welcome

Appointment to be eligible for membership. Once your

appointment is complete, you can sign up for one of

our membership plans and begin enjoy discounted fees for many of our non-insurance covered services.


Forum Health | Tampa offers 2 membership plans:

  • The Total Care Plan

  • The Principal Care Plan

The Total Care Plan is for individuals with ongoinghealth challenges who have not yet identified and/or addressed their underlying root causes.  Most new patients require the Total Care Plan to have the regular consultations needed to identify, treat and track the numerous ongoing symptoms and conditions that have been left unaddressed from a root-cause approach. This plan includes 6 provider visits within 12 months.

The Principal Care Plan is for individuals who are looking to sustain their current good health through routine functional and integrative medical check-ins. They also enjoy maintaining access to the latest in advanced prevention of issues for which they may be vulnerable to in the near or distant future with our unique expertise.  This plan includes 3 provider visits within 12 months.

All plans include:

  • Access to utilizing your insurance for the services that insurance does cover under our therapeutic care plans

  • Advanced functional medicine care for 12 months that usually is 10-20 years ahead of what insurance covers

  • Innovative diagnostics, with ongoing analysis and oversight of nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress, detox, and gut health
    •  Healthcare provider consultations 

    • Virtual health coaching 

  • Continuity of care between visits so we can guide you on how to use your membership services ideally

  • Exclusive discounts on many services and Inwell Biosciences Supplements*

Membership is a one-year commitment.

If you would like more visits than your plan includes, you may add visits at a discounted rate for a 45-minute appointment.

If we prescribe prescriptions for you, we require you see one of our providers at least once every six months for refills.  Safety and updating your dosage after consulting with you before providing refills can reduce medication errors and unnecessary risks and costs. Please note that membership plans also include continuity of care between provider consults.


Note: The price of a membership plan does not cover all services available from Forum Health. Any visits or services beyond the scope of your membership plan will be subject to an additional cash charge. Prices are approximate, might vary based on jurisdiction, and are subject to change. Insurance reimbursement might vary by patient, plan, and other factors.

Forum Health membership is not intended to replace your relationship with a primary care physician.


$ 160
  • (billed annually or monthly)
    All new patients will enroll in the TCP plan for the first year


$ 108
  • (billed annually or monthly)
    For current patients only