Memberships & Packages

How do I get started?

We are excited to embark on this health journey with you! To get started, you will need to schedule a new patient appointment. At that time, our expert provider will do a deep-dive into the root causes of your symptoms and conditions. Then, she will partner with you to personalize a health plan to achieve your loftiest health goals. Depending on your goals, we will recommend the best membership package that offers discounts on provider visits, lifestyle coaching, supplements and more. 

We take your new patient consultation very seriously. We will provide videos for you to watch prior to your visit so that you can comfortably prepare to to understand and choose the best solutions during your visit. At the end of your appointment, we will discuss the root causes that are most likely creating your health concerns, as well as a comprehensive plan to address them. Our care plans focus on nutrition, movement, stress management, sleep optimization and physician-grade supplements. Occasionally, we will recommend IV therapies and simple in-house procedures or technology that could dramatically reduce the time it takes to achieve your goals. After the completion of your appointment, you will have the opportunity to enroll in one of our membership plans. By doing so, you will gain access to discounted fees for a wide range of services that everyone needs to properly heal from a root-cause approach to their conditions. 

How do I become a member?

At your new patient visit, we will discuss the program with you and determine if you qualify for our membership at Forum Health Tampa. After the completion of your appointment, you will have the opportunity to enroll in one of our membership plans. By doing so, you will gain access to discounted fees for a wide range of services. 

We look forward to partnering with you on your health journey!

New Patient Visit Package

  • One-Hour Functional Medicine Provider Consultation 
  • New patient intake questionnaire review 
  • Analysis of underlying causes of your current concerns 
  • Analysis of nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress, detoxification, and microbiome as root causes 
  • Personalized strategic care plan built around your unique health goals 
  • One-Hour Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach Consultation
  • Lab test order based on your initial assessment (separate fee based on specific tests needed) 
  • Access to library of resources including online workbooks based on your unique care plan
Appointments starting at $750

Total Care Plan: Discovery and Fix Membership

All new patients must enroll in this plan for their first year of care
$ 160 Monthly
  • 4 comprehensive 45 minute consultations with your provider per year 
  • Innovative diagnostics, with ongoing analysis and oversight of nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress, detox, and gut health 
  • 8 Care Team Consults (lifestyle coaching, pharmacy evaluations, nursing check-ins, etc.)
  • Exclusive discounts on many services and Inwell Biosciences Supplements* 
  • Access to our discounted and transparent Labs Direct pricing
  • Access to a library of resources on recipes, tricks and tips to getting and staying healthy

*Add-on 45 minute provider consultations available for discounted rate as a member.

The price of a membership plan does not cover all services available from Forum Health. Any visits or services beyond the scope of your membership plan will be subject to an additional charge. Prices are approximate, might vary based on jurisdiction, and are subject to change. Insurance reimbursement might vary by patient, plan, and other factors. 

Forum Health membership is not intended to replace your relationship with a primary care physician.  As we don’t accept insurance, we highly recommend you keep a primary care provider for those healthcare needs that are covered by insurance (e.g. colonoscopy, mammogram, PAP referrals and prescription refills for conventional disease care).