About Tamie Steininger

About Tamie Steininger

Tamie Steininger is an accomplished Healthcare Advocate who recently relocated to Florida from Bloomington, Minnesota, to join our esteemed Tampa Team as Office Manager. With a solid educational foundation, holding a Bachelor of Science degree in Healthcare Management, she brings a wealth of expertise in Clinical Administration. Tamie has dedicated 20 years to the Chiropractic field and an additional five years to Endocrinology, honing her skills and cultivating a deep understanding of the intricacies within these specialized areas.

Tamie possesses an unwavering passion for the body's innate healing abilities and the integration of medical interventions that foster wellness and overall health. Her extensive experience has granted her profound insights into promoting wholeness and restoring balance. Eager to expand her knowledge, she is particularly enthusiastic about delving into Integrated Functional Medicine, a field renowned for its transformative impact on lives.

Tamie's commitment to professional growth and her empathetic nature make her an exceptional resource for any inquiries or concerns patients have. She is eager to establish meaningful connections and is excited about the opportunity to acquaint herself with patients and their needs. Don't hesitate to reach out to her; she looks forward to the chance to serve you diligently and attentively.


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